Monday, February 9, 2015

HDR Photography

Hello every body I'm doing a new project its about HDR.Are you wondering what HDR is several pic with different lighting(exposure). It is use to make a pic so it looks almost surreal.What I like about HDR is that it makes seven pics in different exposures and combined them into one.But one thing I don't like about it is that if you are taking a pic of something that is moving there is going to have something called ghost, no not the things that are spirits its like motion so it looks blurry.

For the people who don't know how to do HDR you have to take seven picture or more in different exposure and use Adobe Photoshop, and go File > Automate> Merge to HDR. Then it will take a long time for it to process. Once its done you will see something that looks like all of the photos that you took was put into one. After that if you want your photo to look more amazing if you look on the right you will see some sliders, but the one one the top is the one that I like the most because you can make it look fancy and cool. After you are done press done and it will make the changes to the photo and if you look at the right you will see all of them has merge and you got a HDR photo.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Lessons Learned

The most interesting part of our project is going to Sports Authority after school,with three 6th graders linden johns,Kamalei Berg,and Micah Miller.Also when we was seting up the time when to go to Sports Authority everybody had different schedules.After coauple minutes we figure out all of us could met there at 6:00pm.

Real World Report

Proactive or Procrastination?

Hello are you a proactive or procrastination? I thing I am a procrastination. Because to be honest most of my blogs are not finish. One is Back to School, Finished News Story, and Real World Report

Finished News Story

Our story is about Sports Authority and how it can make a impact on you it is located in kukui grove on Kauai.One way it might make a im  

Movie Poster Promo

The main characters You will see is Jarry, Tim, Billy, Gary. Jarry is cephas, Tim is Tim, Billy is Hershel, Gary is me.They are at Jarry & Billy house. They are trying to baby sit there baby cusen Tim and he is a big truble maker. What they doing is Tim craws out of cage and they start to look for them and cann't find him. They look every
Explain your title & all other text included in your movie poster. What is kerning & why use it?
What overall impact did the layer effects & filters you used have on your finished movie poster?